About Brilliant Prints

The digital artist behind Brilliant-prints is anonymous, preferring to let their work speak for itself rather than bask in the limelight of fame or flame. The portfolio is brimming with iconic pieces that have adorned the walls of countless households and offices alike, showcasing some of the biggest names in the music business.

One of their most popular works is a series of prints depicting The Rolling Stones as clowns, showcasing the artist’s penchant for the whimsical and the surreal. The artist has also aimed their talents at other well-known musicians and even UK royalty, creating pieces that are as politically charged as they are humorous.

Despite the impressive résumé, (having produced digital work for Sony, Warner Brothers, Intel, Audi, BT, and a handful of household names, including an internationally known fashion designer) this artist remains down-to-earth and committed to the craft and is dedicated to making superior quality limited edition prints affordable for all. Each print is limited to 100 worldwide. Printed on 250gsm paper, using giclée inks for fine art digital prints. The majority of prints are 40cm square and all are numbered and signed on the reverse and with a certificate of authenticity. A smaller version is usually available at 30cm square. When they are sold out they will not be reprinted.

While the world may never know the identity of this digital artist, or not give a flying fig, the quality of the prints speak volumes about their commitment to the highest quality work and outstanding quality prints.

Please note that the majority, but not all, of the art for sale is originally AI generated and retouched using digital software such as Photoshop and printed by one of the best UK fine-art printers. The result is the finest quality, limited edition prints that look fantastic on any wall or gallery. The pleasure is in the viewing. Enjoy.