Superheroes as painted by Rembrandt

Various limited edition prints of superheroes as painted by Rembrandt. Each print limited to 100 worldwide. Printed on 250 gsm paper, using giclée inks for fine art digital prints. Each large print is 40cm square, a smaller version is available at 30cm square. Numbered and signed on the reverse.

If Rembrandt were commissioned to paint Batman, Batwoman, the Hulk, and Superman, it would undoubtedly be a fascinating blend of classical artistry and contemporary superheroes. Rembrandt’s masterful use of light and shadow, his ability to capture the human form with emotional depth, and his knack for storytelling would create captivating and unique portrayals of these iconic characters.

In his rendition of Batman, Rembrandt emphasizes the Dark Knight’s brooding nature and inner turmoil. He uses his signature chiaroscuro technique to cast deep shadows across Batman’s cowl, accentuating the enigmatic aura that surrounds the character. Rembrandt depicted Batman in a dramatic pose, highlighting his stealth and vigilance while infusing the painting with a sense of mystery.

For Batwoman, Rembrandt explores her strength, determination, and resilience. He depicted her in a bold and commanding stance, using his brushwork to capture the textures of her costume and the intensity in her eyes. Rembrandt infused the painting with warmth and soft light to evoke her fierce spirit and unwavering dedication to justice.

In portraying the Hulk, Rembrandt confronts the challenge of capturing the character’s incredible strength and simultaneous inner turmoil. He  employs his expertise in portraying emotions to depict the duality of the Hulk’s rage and vulnerability. The painting showcases the Hulk’s imposing presence and muscular physique, with Rembrandt’s skillful rendering of light and shadow accentuating the raw power within him.

When it comes to Superman, Rembrandt focuses on the character’s sense of nobility, righteousness, and hope. He portrays Superman in a heroic pose, with his cape billowing and his gaze fixed on the horizon. Rembrandt uses his ability to depict texture and fabric to render Superman’s iconic costume with intricate detail, while also capturing the essence of his compassionate and selfless nature.

Detailed Print information:

Archival life: the inks are guaranteed for at least 80 years

Printed using 11 inks: Ultra Wide gamut inks for depth of print

2880 x 1440 DPI: Higher dot per square inch print uses a UK printer that delivers the highest quality photo and art prints in the UK & uses fully carbon neutral art printing. The printer’s policy is to not use forestry-based carbon offsetting projects, instead they invest in renewable energy projects. This is in line with WWF guidance.

Rest assured they are the best and safest for the planet. Each print comes with an extra cost to, but the best is always worth the little extra in price and peace of mind.

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Showing all 8 results